Lights at Garfield Sobers Gymnasium Fixed

Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium Barbados

The recent repair of lights around the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex by the National Sports Council heralds a new dawn for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. For too long, inadequate lighting cast shadows on the facility, hampering evening training, exercise and events. Athletes and members of the public can once again train with confidence, enjoying optimal visibility and safety during evening workouts. Moreover, the refurbished lighting paves the way for a vibrant calendar of nighttime events, from exciting basketball tournaments to electrifying volleyball and netball showcases. This timely intervention underscores the commitment of the National Sports Council to enhancing sports infrastructure and fostering a thriving sporting community. As the lights around the Complex shine anew, they symbolize not just illumination, but also a beacon of hope for future generations of sports in Barbados.

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