Barbados Road Tennis 55 Tournament

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Ministry of Youth Sports and Community Empowerment’s official registration form for Barbados' Road Tennis 55 Tournament! #RT55BB

  1. The applicant understands that approval to enter the IRTSET tournament is based on information as declared in this application.
  2. The applicant further acknowledges should any information declared here be found to be untrue, inaccurate or incorrect will be rendered null and void by the IRTSET. Committee.
  3. All players, and officials, volunteers should proactively check their health status regularly.
  4. The IRTSET reserves the right to disqualify the applicant for submitting the form with information found to be untrue.
  5. The applicant must adhere and abide to all the guidelines, measures and protocols as set out by the Covid 19 unit and the IRTSET during the games.
  6. The Applicant declares that all the information in this Application is true and correct.
  7. The use of any illegal substance (Drugs, alcohol….) is prohibited during the duration of the Independence Road Tennis Tournament at all venue location